Dealing with Electromagnetic Fields and Toxic Emissions Shampoo Drops EVB Ultra-Concentrated Water Energizers

Turn every glass of water into a super-charged energy drink! No Toxins or Chemicals, Just Energy!

Keeps the body in balance all day long. EVB is for everyone to use everyday.

DNR, Inc. has developed body soaks, oral supplements, sprays and topically applied products. EVB utilizes the knowledge of all our years of research and development to combine twenty-first century technologies used in the development of all of these products. Now, by taking EVB with your water throughout the day, you can mobilize your own body's water contents into electrically charged energy molecules that enhance the effectiveness of every system in the body. 


EVB stands for Energy, Vitality, Balance. It is an all-natural, electrically charged, concentrated water that energizes and provides a wide range of benefits to the body. Simply add 2 teaspoons to 32 ounces of water each morning and drink throughout the day. As the highly charged ions flow through your body, they provide the vital energy needed to remain in balance and maintain an effective immune and nervous system. And this is just the beginning.

Each person is made to function with a vital energy that flows throughout the body. The entire body relies on the flow of this vital energy to regain or maintain health. If the body's energy is blocked or out of balance, it cannot fight off disease or sickness. It cannot deal with the environmental pollutants that enter through our food, our drink, our breathing and even through the pores of our skin. Blocked or out of balance energy can also result in fatigue and lead to poor concentration and focus.

When the heart stops, hospitals don't use pills, supplements or herbs, they use electricity to jump start it. Your heart runs on electricity. In fact, your entire body runs on electricity! You can turn every plain glass of water into an electrically charged energy drink with EVB!

EVB Extra-Strength is the same as regular EVB, plus, it contains the benefits of many antioxidants and nutrients found only in natural plant foods. If you need to enhance and energize your daily nutritional values, EVB Extra-Strength provides energized liquid solutions rather than synthetic or weak capsules, pills or powders.

As EVB or EVB Extra Strength energized water flows through your body, it will provide 7 major essential benefits:
  1. Counters the effects of daily fatigue all day long.
  2. Balances your entire central nervous system.
  3. Helps your body elevate its working vitality and strength.
  4. Unblocks and balances all of your body's natural energy movement.
  5. Balances the electrical and chemical properties of your brain and heart.
  6. Enhances your body's processes used in improving mental concentration, physical digestion and toxic cleansing.
  7. Counters the negative effects of toxins from pesticides, preservatives, etc. in your body until they can be safely detoxed with the appropriate DNR Body Soaks.

EVB is for everyone to use every day. Each 8 ounce bottle makes 7.5 gallons of energized water and lasts each family member 4 weeks. Save money with EVB 32 ounce refills--makes 30 gallons and lasts each family member a full 16 weeks!

Always begin with at least one bottle of EVB Regular-Strength before moving to EVB Extra-Strength.


How to use EVB:

Simply add 2 teaspoons to each 32 ounces of water each morning and drink throughout the day. 


  • Don't use after 6:30 pm.
  • Do not store EVB water in or near a refrigerator. Do not store near a microwave oven or any other known device that produces electromagnetic fields.
  • When dealing with any condition for an extended period of time, use 4 teaspoons with each 32 ounces of water.
  • Add to any liquid to counter its long term negative effects.
  • When taking any synthetic pharmaceutical prescription or medicine, use 3 teaspoons with each 32 ounces of water.
  • When dealing with or around any known electromagnetic fields or synthetic fabrics, use 3 teaspoons with each 32 ounces of water.
  • Drink up to 64 ounces of energized water per day for maximum benefit.
  • Use 1 teaspoon in 2 ounces of water, gargle and swallow for a general overall energy boost.

EVB benefits:

  • Helps you remember and think better.
  • Replaces fatigue with energy and vitality.
  • Balances and relaxes the entire body.
  • Calms down daily stress.
  • Helps the body fight toxins and chemical pollutants in your food, air and water. 

Plus, EVB Extra-Strength

Same as EVB Regular-Strength, but contains all the energies found in antioxidants, like Pycnogenol, Green Barley, CoQ10, Blue Green Algae, and many nutrients found only in food, but not found in dietary supplements. EVB also enhances the body's ability to utilize its own nutritional intake.

Calls are coming in and here's what they are saying . . .

"I notice more energy and vigor, but stay calm and relaxed all day."
"My ravenous appetite is gone."
"I feel happier and more content using EVB all day than I have in my life."
"I get along better with my family and fellow workers."
"How can anyone do without EVB energized water? All sorts of annoying health problems are simply going away."

Begin your EVB regimen today... There is Nothing Like It!

EVB is Ultra-Concentrated! Each 8 ounce bottle makes 7.5 gallons of energized water and lasts each family member 4 weeks. Order EVB in convenient 8 ounce sizes or money-saving 32 ounce refill sizes! Note: begin with EVB Regular-Strength for at least one 8 ounce bottle before moving to EVB Extra-Strength.

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Now - EVB Oral Spray

DNR has found the key that unlocks the body’s treasure chest of hGH secretions! EVB Oral Spray Signals the Brain to Release its Balanced Levels of hGH.

Your own body can now provide the maximum amount of its own growth hormone. EVB Oral Spray sends hGH stimulating and releasing signals instantly to areas that deal with imbalance and growth hormone insufficiency. Something as simple as three (3) small glands in the brain being out of balance can cause enough reduction in growth hormone secretions to bring on many aspects of premature aging. For instance, short term memory loss, irregular sleep patterns, the diminishing of any of the five senses and perceived depression, to name a few.



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