A Look at Energy in a Whole New Light

By, Dr. Ken Widgery, ND, CNHP

Causes of an illness usually cannot be found where pain is located or where symptoms seem to point. Causes are usually found tied to someone's emotions or as an imbalance or blockage of their energy pathways. Even weak or distorted energy movement can be responsible for the imbalances causing illness or disease.

Without discussing further the subject of causes, I want to address the importance of those microscopic particles known as atoms.

I'm confident that many of you look at humans and animals as physical beings where energy plays a minor role in their existence. Science has demonstrated for many decades that while our bodies are composed of matter, the matter is made up primarily of energy.

We are made up entirely of atomic energy. Every cell in the body is composed of atoms. Atoms provide the entire body with a structure rooted in energy, not bones and flesh. These atoms function very similar to microscopic electromagnets. They sustain the body's cells with their electrical and magnetic properties along with an intelligence capable of carrying out some 31,000 tasks a second. Our conscious mind can hardly carry out one thought at a time much less 31,000 transactions.

Atoms and their molecular mechanisms are designed to contain and utilize all the energy that extends life. In fact, over 99% of the entire body is composed of space designed to absorb and generate energy.

With this in mind, the question should be, "Why are we spending so much time trying to treat the physical aspects of the body when causes of illness and disease occur at the energy level?"

The answer of course is that we have been taught to do what we do from those who had little, if any, understanding about the primary role light energy plays in maintaining the life processes as well as preventing and healing sickness and disease. Our American culture has been the largest culture on this planet that hasn't recognized energy balance as being the major component in maintaining health.

For a practitioner to visualize that the energy balance of atoms is responsible for the action and mis-action of the body's cells, organs and glands is often difficult. But, it may be more difficult to comprehend and accept that the atom's structure is composed primarily of empty space. It is this empty space that is designed to house and foster the living energy that comes from light signals.

It is well established that all empty space in our universe is filled with energy. You and I are beings that without the energy from light signals would not exist. Energy, with its intelligence and hallowed purpose, is the larger part and better measure of mankind's existence.

In order that I may stay succinct in sharing these thoughts, let me say that hopefully you will see the importance of guiding those in need to deal first with their health concerns at the molecular energetic level. The level where imbalance, toxicity and diminished vitality first begin to infect the body.

If we see someone trying to stay healthy, we owe it to him or her and ourselves to share this energy message. If someone needs our help in overcoming an illness, they deserve to know they can deal with the causes at the cell’s molecular level, where healing begins. I have wished for some time that health care practitioners might recognize their true healing potential in this new light.

Today, DNR produces over 170 light-energized formulations that deal exclusively with the energy needs of humans and animals. I am convinced that eventually, as science and medicine progress, vibrational and light-energy modalities will become understood and accepted as a primary choice for those needing care and recovery.

A Look at Energy in a New Light