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Over the past few weeks, the COVID-19 global health emergency has upended

the way we are used to living!

If we can keep our Immune Systems Strong and our Resistance high,

we can overcome this and any other potential illness at bay!

Please see the suggested products below!

Yellow Label EX =Toxins - Parasites - Abdomen - Digestion - Ulcers - Foods - Medicines

VIR-513EX =Viruses - Bacteria - Free Radicals - Infections - Immune System

CEL-517 =Cell Growth - Cell Repair - Cell Reinforcement - Cellular Damage - Cell Balance

RES-105 Soak =Respiratory System - Lungs - Bronchus - Seasonal Irritations

105-L =Lymphatic System - Immune System - Appearance

More Buy 2, Get 3rd FREE! Now Through Tuesday,

March 31, 2020!

Follow Directions Carefully!

Sign In First! Choose 3 of the same Product and the 3rd becomes Free. Go to the Quick Navigator and Choose your Product Category!

From there, Choose your Product and Select 3.

The 3rd Product will drop down to Free in your Basket Automatically!

You'll be Buying 2 at Regular Price and the 3rd is Free!

*Lotions, Gels and Pearls EXCLUDED!

"Other Discounts do not Apply!"

Offer Ends Midnight EDT Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2020.

Liquid Signals NOT Available with Buy 2 Special!

If you have Placed an Order Previously, it's on its way!

Please try to place your Order Online!

I don't have much Phone time these days!


If you have more than 50 Items in your basket, the UPS Shipping Calculator will not Work!


You will have to Call or send separate email to check other available Shipping Options!


Thank you and I encourage you to check with all your friends to sign up for the E-Newsletter for further

Info on our Status as it becomes available..

Dr. Ken Widgery, President, DNR, Inc.


New Item Size for Skin Gel... Now in an 8 Ounce Size for a Limited Time....

Item #GEL-138-8, $36.00

Same Properties as the 2 Ounce Version, Just more to last longer!

Click Here to Order.  Buy 2, Get 3rd Free not Included!


       Thank you for your patience while we Down-Sized and Moved!

       We will be slowly getting things back to as near normal as we can.





Thank you all again,


Dr. Ken Widgery

Pres., DNR, Inc.

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