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It' been a Hard Road!

I want to thank you all who have wished our Family well. Your Prayers have been appreciated and very Welcome!

My Mother is now in Rehab and we are working to get her Home.

Thank you for being Patient! Your Orders are being prepared even Now! Some have already been shipped!

Below are links to our Video describing the Science and Methodology in terms everyone should understand. Intro to Light- Wave Energy! Worlds First Light-Energized Products! 8 Points 5 Release of Toxins Detox Boosting Regimen for Exposure to Chemicals & Heavy Metals Candida

Below is the Info User Guide from before, the Prices are not current, no more ½ Ounce, only 2 Ounce and not all Products are available, but it can help you to understand what products are for what ailment or system.

InfoUsage guide_2_2011v6.pdf

It is not FDA Approved under the New Rule= "Implied Drug Claims"..
Our products are not drugs, they only assist the body to achieve electrical balance so it can better heal itself

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ChekMate® Spray Now Available!


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I don't have much Phone time these days!




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Available! Item Size for Skin Gel... Now in an 8 Ounce Size for a Limited Time....

Item #GEL-138-8, $36.00

Same Properties as the 2 Ounce Version, Just more to last longer!

Click Here to Order.  Buy 2, Get 3rd Free not Included!


      Thank you for your patience while I Down-Sized to a One Man Company!

      I have high hopes of getting things back to as near normal as I can.


Stay Well and Healthy!

Thank you all again,


Dr. Ken Widgery, N.D. CNHP

Pres., DNR, Inc.

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