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Good News For Liquid Needle!

Thanks' to all of you who participated in my call for

more Sales to keep Liquid Needle going!

It's been a Hard Road!

During this Stay Home Order by so many States,

I have tried to cover the cost of so many expenditures caused

by this Pandemic.

My Suppliers for Raw Materials as well as every day Supplies have

been difficult to get because of demand. I've had to obtain other

venders and pay cash up front!

I recently received Supplies which means now I can continue

producing and shipping product.

Although, 12 ounce Bottles are running low and no one seems to have them!

Product's in these bottles may be back ordered in the near future!

Please be Patient! Your Orders are being prepared even Now!

Some have already been shipped!

Also, Please try to place your Order Online!

I don't have much Phone time these days!

Keep in Mind, If I'm on the Phone with You, I'm not Filling Orders

If you have Placed an Order Previously, it's on its way!




If you have more than 50 Items in your basket, the UPS Shipping Calculator will not Work!


You will have to Call or send separate email to check other available Shipping Options!


Thank you and I encourage you to check with all your friends to sign up for the E-Newsletter for further

Info on our Status as it becomes available..

Dr. Ken Widgery, President, DNR, Inc.


Available! Item Size for Skin Gel... Now in an 8 Ounce Size for a Limited Time....

Item #GEL-138-8, $36.00

Same Properties as the 2 Ounce Version, Just more to last longer!

Click Here to Order.  Buy 2, Get 3rd Free not Included!


       Thank you for your patience during this time of Quarantine!

       Raw Goods and Supplies are getting thin from my Suppliers.



Stay Well and Healthy!

Thank you all again,


Dr. Ken Widgery

Pres., DNR, Inc.

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