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It all started in 1882...

About 45 minutes from downtown Indianapolis in the beautiful little town of Martinsville, Indiana, you will find a rich history of one of the world’s most historical discoveries. In 1882, men drilling for natural gas found what they thought was oil. Instead they discovered rich reserves of potent mineral waters located in underground springs some 1,300 feet below the earth’s surface. Chemical analysis confirmed the water’s restorative and therapeutic properties.

Laboratory findings revealed that this "dark oily liquid" was actually water composed of substances dating back millions of years. It was apparent to researchers that these waters held unique energetic and cleansing properties that could be used effectively for detoxification and energizing cellular tissue.

So, in 1884, Home Lawn Mineral Springs Health Resort, later known as Diamondhead, opened its doors to those guests primarily needing help with fatigue, stress, toxicity and a variety of other health concerns. It was basically built for anyone who could benefit from soaking in, or drinking the restorative waters. People traveled from around the world to stay for weeks to take the cleansing baths. Older guests who had been visiting there for over 40 years insisted the baths were responsible for their continued good health, vitality and youthful looking appearance. It was national media attention and the overall success of the baths that finally prompted the production of the concentrated body soaks. These soaks are to be used by those wanting to soak in their own private bathtub. Slender Bath was the first product to be bottled and sold to those not visiting Diamondhead. All of the body soak products used today, including the Slender Bath, Dynique and Draw formulations, are concentrations similar in content to the original subterranean waters used at Diamondhead for over 85 years.

Although the Diamondhead Health Resort has since closed, the secrets found in its special waters are still alive in every DNR liquid solution. Today, everyone can benefit from the same inherent benefits as those found in the resort’s potent waters - now, in the privacy of their own bathtub.

But this is not the end of the story.

In 1988 Developmental Natural Resources (DNR) was established to develop other concentrated liquid solutions based on the original Diamondhead waters. It was found that the basic components found in the waters were conducive to maintaining electrical charge and capable of light-energy absorption. Therefore, each individual solution has been electrically enhanced and encoded with select light energies. Each individual solution relates to correcting imbalances that have affected certain areas or conditions of the body.

There are some 200 different light-energized solutions that have been developed for the clients and dealers of Developmental Natural Resources. Each liquid formula is manufactured using a concentration of the original components found in the waters running beneath where Diamondhead was originally built.

Each individual liquid solution has been developed to help the body regain or sustain the balance necessary to maintain or regain good health. Most often the body’s toxicity and lack of vitality and energy are responsible for major imbalances throughout the body. DNR’s approach to preventing illness and disease and restoring health is quite simple. Deal first with the causes of sickness and disease, not the symptoms. The symptoms are nothing more than the reflection of the causes.

DNR products deal primarily at the body’s molecular level. It is here where energy, with its balance, determines the body’s physical, mental, and emotional balance. However, if the body’s level of vitality and energy is weak or blocked, and cellular toxicity exists, DNR offers a wide array of product solutions that deal with these conditions.


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The DNR History Page