Learn about the Energy Transfer Factor and how it affects your life
by Developmental Natural Resources, Inc.

For those of you wanting to have a way of demonstrating the fast and effective way DNR light-energy products work, read this!

First, let's get familiar with the term, "Energy-Transfer-Factor," or "ETF". When we are in close proximity to any compound, agent, or any object that puts out an energy field, it can and does affect our own energy fields and internal energy as well. In light of this statement, I should emphasize that if that object's energy field is more powerful than our own, it will influence everything in our bodies. Good or bad. Positive or negative. It will affect the way we feel, the way we function physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Since you can't see it, you may not believe you have an energy field. Any source of energy, this includes your body, has an energy field. An energy field is simply a force of energy extending from its source.

Next, you should know that almost all medical doctors use some form of a reflex testing technique to determine a symptom or weakness in the body. For instance, Kinesiology testing easily demonstrates how our bodies respond to unrelated energy sources placed in the space outside our bodies. DNR has prepared a booklet on how to demonstrate the reflexes that take place while using Kinesiology testing on others.

The computer screen provides an excellent demonstration when a person comes to the Practitioners office, then lets them put one hand on his computer screen while he pushes down on the wrist of the other extended arm. After the arm easily goes down in a weak state, he takes a DNR product, usually a topical, places it in the hand of the patient and then places the hand on the screen once again. Without exception, the arm being pushed down remains rigid and strong while holding the DNR product. This is an excellent way to not only demonstrate how DNR light-energized products perform instantly, but how they overcome the negative-harmful effects of radiation and the known plastic chemical emissions coming from the computer.

Once your energy balance and resources are compromised, your immune system begins to fail. Your nervous system and cardiovascular systems start to miss a beat or can't communicate properly with each other. Even seemingly inanimate objects like magnets, foam rubber, aluminum foil, plastic bags, or anything that puts out a field of energy can affect your body's energy balance and resources. Whether you use liquid bleach, formaldehyde or some other harmful chemical around the house, the results are the same.

For years, I took a hand set from a regular telephone to DNR seminars so I could demonstrate the debilitating effects of magnets found in telephone hand sets, whether connected or not. Cell phones, while in use, are also known to be harmful due to the electromagnetic radiation associated with use. DNR products can assist in raising the electrical energy in the body so that it can resist their harmful energy fields just as easily as they do computer screen radiation and chemical emissions.

Demonstrating the overwhelming energy DNR products have over harmful and negative objects or compounds can, if nothing else, get people to look at things differently. It is hard to believe something as small and harmless looking as a plastic baggie or tin foil could overpower all the energy resources used by the body to hold up the arm. It will go down, unless maybe they're a weight lifter or athlete. Just put any topical DNR product in the free hand, and the arm will remain strong and straight.

By the way, take any food product, soft drink, or synthetic garment and the results are the same. Fabric Shield is an excellent product to use to demonstrate its effectiveness over synthetic fabrics, electromagnetic field emissions and foam rubber. Click here for information about Fabric Shield products.

It is easy for you to have someone stand up straight, hold or put his/her hand on some questionable object for testing purposes. Push down evenly at the wrist of the other hand to see if their arm stays erect or goes down. However, you may have to use your other hand on the subject's shoulder to steady their balance while pressing down on their wrist. For instance, when a plastic bag or piece of aluminum foil is placed on the head of a subject, the arm will lower as you push down at the wrist.

There are a few exceptions. If you, the tester are weak, out of balance or being influenced by some negative energy source, you may not get an arm to come down. Just put any Liquid Needle topical (click here for information about Liquid Needle Topicals) on your thymus point (in the center of your chest) and start again.

You may have already noticed that when your subject holds a container of any DNR product, the product itself doesn't come in contact with the subject. The Energy-Transfer-Factor takes over and energy moves through the container to the body's energy field. Energy fields emanating from something can go through the skin, plastics, glass, and steel drums; They can go through almost anything!

When the forces of two energy fields come together, the stronger field will influence and over-power the weaker force field. The powerful energy force emitted by DNR products has been proven time and time again to be the only source of energy effective in counteracting the harmful energy fields and effects of man-made technologies, substances and objects.

From a distance, harmful chemicals stored in containers emanate harmful fields that can affect us once we are subject to those fields. Our unsuspecting minds have allowed us to believe that nothing can harm us if we don't touch it, inhale it or ingest it. The same is true with electromagnetic fields. The energy-transfer of harmful fields can be responsible for pain, fatigue, depression, ineffective immune system and almost any other health condition.

Everything illuminates or emits some kind of energy. Some energy can be harmful, while some energy emissions can be helpful or neutral. If a harmful energy source is stronger or more intensive than the energy of a helpful source, the harmful energy source can over power and negate the helpful energy source. (The helpful energy source of dietary supplements and foods is easily negated by the harmful aspects of the toxic chemicals they have absorbed from the environment).

Harmful energy can emanate from some of the most benign looking objects. You do not have to be within its reach to be harmfully affected by its emission. Its energy and harmful emissions can be transferred inadvertently to anything within its energy field. Start thinking about everything in terms of its energy-transferring capabilities.

I am reminded of the young couple that was experiencing miscarriages year after year. After continually watching how strangely their pet dog was acting whenever in the back yard, they noticed a power line and transformer located at the back of their property. One night in the dark, they carried a four-foot florescent light bulb into the backyard, and lo and behold, it lit up! No wires, just electromagnetic radiation emanating from the power lines. This was captured by their home video recorder and reported by a local TV station. This is one example of how a distant energy and its field can influence another unconnected object. In this case, the gases in the fluorescent light bulb were being ignited at a distance by an unsuspected energy force field.

Of course when they confronted the power company with this finding, the power company refused to believe this energy transfer could affect the wife's inability to become pregnant. We can no longer expect governmental agencies, utilities or industries to accept responsibility for the misuse of technology or space. If you don't take responsibility for knowing about the harmful energy transfer factors found in our environment, who will?

Every substance we come in contact with has the potential to affect our life span and health. Understanding the Energy-Transfer-Factor and how it applies to our daily lives and health is really quite simple. We don't often think about it, but we should. If the energy field of a small plastic bag can weaken or compromise our own energy, then think what plastic or synthetic fabrics can do to us while we are wearing them. DNR energy products demonstrate how the powerful and positive energy of light wave reinforcement can overcome the harmful and negative energy usually found in man-made products or technology.


Learn about the Energy Transfer Factor and how it affects your life