How Does Your Body Really Work?
by Developmental Natural Resources, Inc.

Every time you produce a thought, try to remember something, or read a book or newspaper, your brain is depending on its cells to send electrical signals to trigger mental processes.

All physical movement and bodily responses depend solely on the brain's ability to carry electrical signals to target areas. The brain and heart especially depend on the body's electrical properties.

It is true, the body does utilize chemistry to maintain life-supporting functions. However, chemistry alone, without electrical stimulation and energy, will not support the vital needs required to continue the life processes.

Our bodies are composed of cells that are made up of atoms. Every atom is composed of electrical properties that fuel the cell and, consequently, the entire body. While we know atoms are small, it is still hard to imagine that over 99% of their total size is made up of nothing but empty space. That's right, the atom is almost nothing but empty space. In fact, it is this empty space that is used to absorb the energy that is used to fuel the body.

Just because the majority of an atom is empty does not mean it's not being used. Is it unimaginable that almost 100% of your body is composed of empty space and doesn’t have a useful purpose? We know the empty space in our atmosphere and solar system is composed of energy. Why then can't medical scientists rationally determine that the empty space found in our body's atomic molecules is composed of the same type of (non visible) energy that has existed in the universe since the beginning of time? Particle physicists know there are billions of energy particles that pass through our bodies every second. These particles have no physical mass and are composed entirely of energy.

We may all be convinced that our belief of what really took place at our earth's beginning is the truth, or the truth to the best of our understanding. However, it is important to recognize that man is made up of more than just blood and bones. Perhaps that empty space found in atoms is filled with the essence of what we really are, and it is this space that is set aside to hold all the energies dedicated to healing and living.

Man is designed to respond to energy vibrations that originate at the atomic level. These vibrations produce signals the body normally understands and carries out according to their particular vibrational frequencies. Each organ, gland and cellular complex has its own specific function or assignment and each produces its own natural vibrational signal. Our cells are composed of atomic energy structures that vibrate at different energy levels depending on what their living task may be.

In medicine, yesterday and today, medical doctors most often deal with symptoms of disease and illness. It seems to me, the most logical approach to fighting illness and disease would be to discover the cause and treat that cause at its level.

If one were ill due to an imbalance caused originally from toxic accumulation, wouldn't the sound approach be to reduce the toxic ingestion and have a safe way to remove those toxins causing the problem? Most of the time, people who are suffering from a health condition already know their level of energy is low, but never correlate that with their illness. However, they are not trained to know that there may be an energy blockage somewhere that is keeping them weak and unable to support their vital processes.

Medical science has noted the physical parts of the human body, given them names and defined their functions. It would seem to me that more attention should be given to the major part of the body, its empty spaces, rather than its minor parts composed of matter.

Perhaps the single most important discovery ever made was the finding that all physical objects vibrated at a particular vibrational rate. This vibrational rate is known as frequency. Thanks to this discovery, Scientist's are able to detect and match the vibrations of different parts of the human and animal body. It appears that each one of us shares the distinction of having the same organs, glands and systems. And when healthy, each one resonates at vibrations that are identical.

Can you imagine listening to a radio station with static, or a weak signal or not tuned exactly to the right frequency? It would be more than irritating or disconcerting. The body also suffers when communication signals are weak, or there are distortions in frequency signals trying to trigger a response.

If the batteries in your remote control unit are weak, your garage door won't open and your TV can't be turned on. It is the batteries that provide the electrical energy that triggers responses. So it is with the atoms that make up your body. If they are weak from toxicity or suffering from imbalances caused by man-made radiations, don't expect them to perform successfully. It's sad but true, all the drugs, medicines, supplements and herbal remedies are incapable of raising the electrical energy production of the body's atomic structure. These substances were developed to deal with the body's chemistry, not its electronics.

The reader should know, Scientist's have spent more than twelve years developing energy formulations that can do no harm under any conditions. Each light-energized water solution is composed of a selection of charged mineral particles. These particles are used to store specific energy signals that are eventually useful to specific areas or certain conditions of the body. When they appropriately come in contact with the body, their electrically charged light wave signals deal naturally with the causes of energy imbalances.

The light-energized solutions do not always work as fast as one may wish. This is especially true for those who have been toxic or energetically out of balance for quite some time. Some may decide prematurely that they are not working. Not everyone cognitively feels the subtle changes taking place. For a short time, some may feel more of an adverse condition while the body is trying to make corrections in balance and alterations in toxicity.

How Does Your Body Really Work?