EPA's Revealing Toxicity Report

EPA Report Shows 100% of Those Studied
Have Heavy Metal Toxicity.
- Not 50% - Not 60% - Not 70% - But 100% -
The EPA Goes Further to State in Its Report:

"During controlled studies, 100% of human body fat samples contained doses of chemicals including styrene (Styrofoam), dichlorobenzene (mothballs, household cleaners and deodorizers) xylene or benzene (found in paints and gasoline) and DDT which has been banned since 1972. The five most toxic trace metals found are: lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium and antimony. These metals are suspected to be in at least 50% of all deaths in the U.S. and much of the disabling diseases."
Source: National Human Adipose Tissue Survey FY82, EPA-560/5-86-039, Dec. 1986

Possibly the most urgent need in your life is getting rid of heavy metals and chlorinated solvents from your cellular tissue - in a safe manner.

There are over 100,000 chemicals being used and released into our environment every day. 25,000 of them are potentially hazardous to your health. Recent studies have shown that when any combination of 3 chemicals are taken into the body the combined effect is as much as 5,000 times more toxic than any one by itself. These chemicals live in your body's fat and tissue linings. They can fool your body into believing they are hormones and create havoc with your emotions and physical stamina. They can attack and destroy brain cells.

Every year over 1,000 new chemicals are formulated and put into use by chemical corporations. Less than 5% are tested for safety or health implications. In America, state and federal guidelines do not require testing prior to use. Most wealthy countries throughout the world are guided largely by giant chemical corporations who continue to espouse their belief that government should not "hamper or impede" scientific progress.

Possibly the unspoken truth may be closer to the belief that chemical companies are providing the answer to controlling the spiraling world population by the creation and utilization of these untested chemicals. What is remarkable is that it can take decades before physical evidence indicates a particular drug or chemical has been harmful to tissue or life itself.

Governments have to deal with the "Greater and Common Good of All the People." This means that anything that would potentially be harmful to the country as a whole should be kept from the general population. This leaves us all with the tasks of employing common sense and learning to read between the lines.

Therefore, do not look to corporations to do or say anything that would influence you NOT to buy their products. And the government cannot do anything that would cause the nation's vast economic strength to be compromised. It is up to you to protect yourself and your family with diligent study, proper detoxification and defensive protection against unsafe chemicals and heavy metal poisoning.

The average person has 500 plus chemicals in their body fat. Quick weight loss can recirculate them and possibly cause great harm. Body Soaks cleanse outwardly and safely.


EPA's Revealing Toxicity Report

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