Introduction to Light-Energized Products

DNR, INC. makes no powders, pills, capsules or tablets. Everything we produce is made from a mineral water foundation. The minerals are used to hold and carry charged light-wave signals. Once the minerals have been fractionated to smaller components, they can be encoded with non-visible light waves. Different combinations of light waves are used in each  formulation. It is anticipated that each product and its formulation, triggers specific responses according to the goals of a particular product.

The entire body runs on light wave energies and senses their message signals. If the signals are accurate and potent enough, the body responds favorably. For instance, man made electromagnetic radiations are almost always harmful to the body. Even though we can not visually see these radiations, the body senses them and responds counter productively. These electromagnetic radiations are thought to be harmful because they overpower the body's highly sensitive atomic-cellular makeup.

The use of very subtle light wave energies that are obtained from nature. Using advanced technology, molecular energy emissions are collected from a myriad of our planet's natural resources and inventoried for use of light-energized formulations. These formulations are free of the chemical pollutants and toxic agents that are found and used in agriculture and food storage.

The mineral water base solution is no more than a safe carrying agent used to deliver bioelectrical energy signals to targeted areas of the body. Most often, the body develops a health condition due to a chemical imbalance, or an imbalance in an organ, gland or bodily system. This imbalance may be largely due to the blockage or insufficiency of the body's own energy movement. The use of light-energized formulations contain light wave properties that reestablish balance by elevating the body's natural energy, or if necessary, by freeing up any blocked signaling pathways. DNR encourages the usage of Body Soak Cleansers for those who may be out of balance due to toxic accumulations or long term electromagnetic exposure.

If you are having a difficult time understanding how the uses of light wave energy in an aqueous solution, remember radios, telephones, televisions, all depend on the detection and usage of non visible light wave frequency signals. These light wave frequency signals are carried through space. DNR charges subtle light wave frequency signals into mineral water solutions. The particles of specialized minerals act as the carrier of recognizable messages and signals that are naturally acted upon.

We think you will enjoy knowing there is nothing harmful in any liquid product we make. Every DNR light energized product has been charged, oxygenated, and encoded with light energy that can sense and respond to in a safe and swift manner.

Introduction to DNR and DNR Light-Energized Products