Excerpts from a Double-Blind Study using DNR’s Product, TOTAL BALANCE

Jerome Plotnick, Ph.D., ND is a Clinical Psychologist located in California. He has specialized in EEG neuro-feedback training for children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Learning Disabilities (LD or dyslexia).

Since 1995, Dr. Plotnick, a Naturopath, has specialized in bioenergetic stimulation using DNR’s Liquid Needle Light Energy Frequency formulations, exclusively, as the foundation of all his healing programs.

From May 20, 1998, through August 31, 1998, Dr. Plotnick performed a double-blind study using three (3) children subjects, ages 10-13, diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and dyslexia. The study monitored brain wave activity recorded on graphs by a Bio-Comp 2001 Neuro-feedback Computer.

Each child was given the standard brain mapping analysis test and each was determined to have both Beta and Theta brain wave deficiencies. The Bio-Comp 2001 has diverse functions. Its major functions are to establish and monitor brain wave activity and the implementation of neuro-feedback training.

After monitoring and mapping brain wave activity on all three subjects, all were hooked up to the Bio-Comp 2001 for analyses and two were hooked up for neuro-feedback training.

After several training sessions with the Bio-Comp 2001, the first child's brain wave pattern remained in the same frequency range as established in readings prior to training. The second child went through several training sessions and there was a gradual rebalancing of Beta and Theta brain waves. The third child was hooked up to the Bio-Comp 2001 and instead of administrating brain wave training sessions, DNR’s TOTAL BALANCE was topically applied to brain wave training sites. Immediately, and without any brain wave neuro-feedback training, the Bio-Comp monitor and mapping chart reflected the Alpha, Beta and Theta brain wave frequencies establishing instant and maximum balance.

The third child received three more sessions using only DNR’s TOTAL BALANCE topical applications. These sessions were monitored by the EEG. Without any brain wave training, there was an immediate indication of brain wave rebalancing to the Alpha, Beta and Theta brain waves. There were also immediate corrective behavior and positive attitude changes noted at school, at home during these three sessions and the following two weeks where Topical Balance was used in conjunction with neuro- feedback training. These changes were noted by the child's teacher, parents and therapists.

A nine month follow-up study was performed and the third child remained in a balanced and normal range for the Alpha, Beta and Theta brain wave state. There was no further ADD symptomatology.

Dr. Plotnick states, "After this study I now use Liquid Needle TOTAL BALANCE in all of my sessions for ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and other learning difficulties."

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Excerpts from a Double-Blind Study using TOTAL BALANCE

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