Smoking Issues

For Past and Present Smokers

Cigarette smoking causes more deaths in the United States than any other cause. Not only do smokers harm themselves, but others as well. Those who have been subjected to second hand smoke for extended periods are at greater risk than those who occasionally find themselves breathing someone else's cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke is a known carcinogen. It not only causes cancer, it causes heart trouble, strokes and breathing complications.

DNR, Inc. has formulated products to deal with first hand and second hand smoke toxicity as well as health complications arising from the body's inability to heal itself. If you're dealing with Second Hand Smoke issues, click here to learn about the DNR, Inc. Respiratory System protocol.



CIG-131 Body Soak 32 ounce
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TAB-132 Body Soak 32 ounce
Code: TAB-132
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TAB-523 Liquid Signals 2 ounce
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