Vitalia Oral Spray 1 ounce

Vitalia Oral Spray 1 ounce
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    Vitality - Nutrition - Toxins - Neutralize|

    This Oral Spray furnishes your body with a balanced supply of nutritional energy that lasts all day long! Just spray and swallow 6 sprays of Vitalia every morning before breakfast and Vitalia will give your body the nutritional boost you can actually feel. Vitalia provides the body with the most potent form of nutritional energy it needs to stay healthy while enhancing the body's ability to process and metabolize your everyday food nutrients. No food product or dietary supplement can match its potency and its results!

    Vitalia also enhances the body's ability to counter the effects of ingested toxins found in dietary intake. Vitalia enhances the body's own natural ability to neutralize these harmful toxicants.