EVB NeutraSpray 8 oz.

EVB NeutraSpray 8 oz.
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    Toxic Hair Chemicals - Hair Spray - Shampoo - Coloring - Permanents - Polarity|

    NeutraSpray is now upgraded with those Frequencies found in EVB� that enhance the body�s Vitality and Resistance levels. Developed to counter toxic and poisonous accumulations derived from chemicals in most hair sprays, shampoos, coloring, and permanent chemicals. EVB� NeutraSpray can also provide some hold on its own!

    Neurons (brain cells) are designed to perform within certain frequency ranges unhampered by powerful man-made chemicals and electromagnetic fields. Their alignment of energy signals to each other is paramount in maintaining health and balance. Our very lives depend on unimpeded undistorted signals functioning at their appropriate levels. Area affected by EVB� NeutraSpray shown in shaded area.